COLOR.ME contains up to 45% water, it defines the proper consistency of the color cream. The water for the COLOR.ME formulation is purified and distilled. The water that is used to cleanse the production machines and the color cisterns is released back into the water where it was taken from after being treated by the manufacturer’s in-house water treatment plant. It actually leaves the factory cleaner than it had arrived. COLOR.ME is an ammonia and PPD free honey based hair color with pomegranate and shea butter. It is formulated to be gentle on the hair and scalp, while delivering beyond all color expectations.

The core values of Kevin Murphy are Fashion, Environment and Performance. Because of trends and how fashion drives so many influences, Kevin Murphy is on the forefront of creating products that allow stylists to stay ahead of the trends. Kevin Murphy continues to create products, while being mindful of the impact this industry has on the environment. The types of plastics are carefully chosen, and 100% recyclable, the bottles are designed to use 40% less plastic, reducing the need for excessive packing material and decreasing waste. Kevin Murphy looked beyond conventional hair products and took a look at the advancements made in skincare. He created a range that in the hands of stylists would change the characteristics of the hair, and take hair trends in new directions.

Would never trust anyone else with these locks.

– Katie

James is amazing! Great ideas, very talented and I will no longer let anyone else touch my hair! I'd recommend him to everyone!

– Stacy

The ONLY person I let to my hair James, besides being a fantastic person, he is a great hairdresser who listens to you and is honest on what will work for you and what won't. Never do I feel rushed, he always takes his time with each client.

– Darlene

James has been doing my hair since he graduated. As long as we are both in the Milwaukee area, he will be the only one I trust with my hair. He always listens and has great suggestions for me. I always feel recharged after our visits

– Sherrie

James is now the only person I will let cut my hair. He is amazing, and a wonderful person. I love my hair every time he touches it!

– Caitlin